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Using Off Camera Lighting For Portraits

Last week I asked everyone on Twitter and Facebook what some things are that you would like to learn to improve your photography. The most common answer was lighting which was awesome for me to hear since I love off camera...

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Using Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC)

We did a post a little while back about using exposure compensation with flash. Exposure compensation can be a great way to use flash during the day and make the background a few stops lighter than the subject. I love to use...

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Canon vs. Tamron lens review

Awhile back I was asked by a reader on Twitter what the difference between Canon and Tamron lenses were. For my own use I have always stuck to Canon lenses and really prefer some of their fast prime lenses or L series glass. In...

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canon announces the 60D

Another new camera announcement this week, I think my head is spinning a little with all of the news. New Nikon camera, sony camera and lenses galore! Canon had to throw their hat into the mix on Thursday announcing the...

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