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Paint FX iPad App Review

Lately my schedule has been so crazy busy that my iPad hasn’t got a ton of use and I haven’t even bought any new apps. This is pretty rare for me since I have to admit I’m an appoholic and love to check out new...

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iPad Photography App Reviews

From the moment the iPad was announced I was excited to see what type of Photography apps could be produced. In the small amount of time the iPad has been around there are some pretty amazing apps to do just about anything. In...

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PhotoSync iPad App Review

PhotoSync iPad App Review PhotoSync is a great universal app that can wirelessly sync your photos among your iOS devices and your desktop computer. I was using a different iOS app (which shall remain nameless) to send photos...

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Portfolio for iPad app review

One of the strongest benefits of the iPad in my opinion is its ability to be a very portable portfolio. You can now have hundreds of images and videos all within the beautiful display of the iPad. Built into the iPad you have...

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TouchRetouch HD iPad app review

Right before Photoshop CS5 was released, a demo video from Adobe showed off a feature they were working on for CS5, called “content-aware fill”. It was an amazing demo of technology for smartly cloning out defects by...

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