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How to Photograph Tulips

Todays article is a guest post by Mark Pouley It takes a special photograph of a flower to be considered unique or original.  Still, their color and splendor are a siren song drawing photographers to capture their beauty.  Where...

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Our 700th Photography Article

I always post a little recap when we hit 100 articles on the site. For me it really just blows my mind how fast time flys by and also is fun to take a minute to sit back and see some of the top posts we had over the past few...

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Your Photography Questions Answered

I always love to answer your photography questions, its really what started the idea of this site and I think is a great way to get some of the top issues that people are dealing with in the open and answered for everyone. Today...

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Photography Workshop Poll

I am getting ready to finalize our summer photography workshop schedule and wanted to get some feedback from everyone. I currently offer 2 different workshops, one for wedding photography and one 1/2 day marketing workshop. The...

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Digital Composites in Photoshop

With the ability that Photoshop has to have multiple layers it really opens up an unlimited amount of creative control you have. I love working in Lightroom to edit images but when I really want to create something that is a...

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Photographer’s Workflow

One question that all of my friends used to ask me when I first started shooting weddings was “That’s awesome you get to go to weddings every weekend and then hang out all week, what a great job!”. At first I...

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