Tag: off camera lighting

Overpowering the sun with your speedlight

One thing that I love to do with my flashes during the day is to have them overpower the sun to create dramatic light. A really cool part about some of the latest flash gear is that it allows you to shoot at any shutter speed...

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Using Off Camera Lighting For Portraits

Last week I asked everyone on Twitter and Facebook what some things are that you would like to learn to improve your photography. The most common answer was lighting which was awesome for me to hear since I love off camera...

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Using Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC)

We did a post a little while back about using exposure compensation with flash. Exposure compensation can be a great way to use flash during the day and make the background a few stops lighter than the subject. I love to use...

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An Intro To Off Camera Lighting

An Introduction to using off camera lighting If you have followed this site for awhile you know how much of a fan I am of off camera lighting. I really do hate to place my flash on camera and will only do so in certain...

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