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Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad Coming Monday

Adobe announced awhile back they would be releasing a app for the iPad (and Andriod) called Photoshop Touch. We had a few videos of this back then here: Videos of Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad and have been eagerly awaiting the...

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Simply B&W iPhone app review

It’s all in the name. Simply B&W is a very user-friendly and educational photo filter app for making stunning black and white photos. Is it for you? Read on to find out. Simply B&W is actually an iPhone-specific...

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Air Display iPad App Review

Always on the hunt for cool new iPad apps I ran across Air Display the other day when looking for a way to extend my monitor. No matter how big your monitor is it seems like it is never big enough for certain apps and Photoshop...

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SnapSeed App Has Been Updated

This week Nik software released a nice update for their SnapSeed app that I wanted to cover. SnapSeed was an app that I covered awhile back here: SnapSeed for iPad review. and one thing that really caught my attention with the...

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LightTrac iPad app Review

Awhile back we reviewed a new iPad app called LightTrac that was removed from the iTunes store shortly after by the developer while they changed some things around. Now after a hiatis they are back with a brand new version of...

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