was created to fuel photographers creative flame and share photo tips and tutorials. WIth hundreds of tutorials covering a range of topics such as; Lightroom tips and tricks, Photoshop tutorials, Business and Marketing advice to grow your photography studio, Photo Lighting articles, Photography industry news, and lots of photo inspiration! We are here to help everyone grow your photographic art and to push the envelope, raising the bar of photography excellence.

The website was started by award winning wedding & portrait photographer Mark Stagi to help share his knowledge of photography as well as tips and tricks to running a successful business. Mark has been running his own wedding and portrait studio since 1999 and also hosts workshops to help educate others looking to get into the world of wedding photography. Marks interest in photography started as a young child and he has extensive technical knowledge with a degree in the Fine Arts side of photography and a minor in Photojournalism. He loves to share his passion and teach others. You can view Mark’s wedding and portrait website here: Fine Art Wedding & Portrait Photography or follow his personal Twitter here

He created this website not only to share his photographic knowledge but also to review new products, keep you updated on the photography industry and provide tips on new ways to market your business in todays evolving marketplace. We look forward to creating a community of artists who are all looking for fresh inspiration to grow their creative art.

We love to answer any questions our readers have and are here to help you refine your passion. We will be launching a forum for question and answers in the coming months but for now please leave a comment on any of our posts and we will reply back to you soon.

— Mark

“There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept. “
Ansel Adams
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