I’ve been diving into the NFT space lately, trying to learn all about NFT’s. Besides the headlines of Bored Ape’s selling for millions of dollars, what cool photographic art is being sold as NFT’s? It’s an interesting space and for us artists a great way to get our artwork in front of new people. I wanted to showcase some of the cool photography that I found on OpenSea. If you aren’t familiar with OpenSea they are one of the largest NFT marketplaces and in the first half of January this year sold over $2.7 billion of NFT’s. Yes, that’s a Billion with a B! A crazy amount of currency changing hands for digital artwork.

Here is a collection of some awesome photography you can find on OpenSea:

1000 Miles Out – A Collection by Chelsea Mealo and Brayden Hall (Twitter)

Rowhomes created by Hythacg (Twitter)

Cath Simard Editions (Twitter)

Ocean Intersection (Twitter)

Panoramic Portraits by KumasRizacan (Twitter)

Infrascapes by MikeSchmidt

Dark solitude by JoelleLb (Twitter)

Sense of Dolomites by IsabellaTabacchi

Jord Hammond Editions by jordhammond https://twitter.com/jordhammond

57 moments from the eruption in Geldingadalir. By gardarolafs (Twitter)

Are you interested in selling your art as a NFT? Have you collected some awesome NFT art already? Let us know below. Also leave a comment or ping us on Twitter with your questions and we will write some future posts all about NFT’s.