I have always been a huge fan of black and white images as well as toned photos. Prior to digital photography I loved printing photos in the darkroom and experimenting with alternative processes for images. Selenium is a really interesting tone that can give some great depth to an image. The basics of a selenium toned image is that the chemicals convert the metallic silver in a black and white print to silver selenide. Selenium toning will give a red-brown tone when using a weak solution and a strong solution will have a purple-brown tone on the image. The end result of the tone also depends on the type of paper being used.

There are many ways to make a image look like a Selenium toned photo and we will cover some of these tricks in a upcoming article. In the meantime to give you a little inspiration check out these 10 Amazing Photos with Selenium Toning:

waiting for Dad

Bits and Bobs


Library of Congress


Time Lapse VI

Williams Tower II

Pelecanus Crispus

Far West

Mr. Sulu, Warp Three

Do you have a great selenium toned image? Leave a link in the comments below so everyone can check it out!

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