December is here already and we are kicking off some great deals with the Digital Photo Buzz 12 days of Christmas! To start it off we are have a product that deals with a question that I get a LOT on the site, how do you price your photography? With this pricing guide from the Modern Tog it will cover the following:

– A unique pricing system that does all the math for you
– It gives you profitable prices so you can reach your yearly income goals
– It’s super flexible for any mix of photography you do including portraits and weddings
– And it lets you easily adjust as you change or grow your business
– If you want profitable and accurate prices that let you reach your income goals, this pricing system may be for you.

The workbook uses formulas in Excel so you can just plug in numbers to start to formulate what you should be charging for your photo shoots. I have seen photographers struggle for years in business just because they have failed to have a grasp on how to correctly price their work. If that’s you then I highly suggest getting this workbook and having a handle on your pricing.

The normal price for this workbook is $99 but today you can get this for 50% off so just $49 for this pricing workbook.

Click continue to get the deal now (use the discount code SmartBusiness at checkout):


They are also giving away an iMac computer for black friday, enter to win this promo anytime before December 2nd and you could win a iMac!

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