Abobe is going all out in the tablet space lately and things are really starting to heat up. When the first iPad was released about 2 years ago I had said that the power of these tablets will be in the great software that will come over the next 2 years. That software is starting to take place now and I am getting more and more excited about whats to come in the future. Adobe recently announced their Carousel app which dives into the cloud by offering a online cloud storage for your Lightroom catalog. Now they are going all out with the creative cloud and 6 new touch apps. The only bummer is these aren’t available right now so we will all have to sit tight for awhile.

The main app that I am looking forward to test out is Adobe Photoshop Touch which Adobe describes as “a groundbreaking app that brings the legendary creative and image-editing power of Photoshop to tablet devices for the first time”. Here is a quick breakdown of the new apps they announced, once I can get my hands on a copy to check out for everyone I will so keep posted!

Adobe Photoshop Touch App
Adobe is touting this as a way to get some of the core editing that we do from Photoshop done on a tablet. It will have full layer support, selection tools, adjustments and filters to edit our images. For some uses like make a selection, being able to draw out a selection with our fingers might be a really useful feature. Adobe has the technology that nobody else has, so for example using their selection technology like refine edge they should be able to make a very powerful tablet app that can make refined selections with a finger. We can edit in Photoshop Touch and then take the image to our main computer to finish it off or for more advanced editing. There also is sharing built into the app so you can pull images from various sources and then save images out to different sources like Facebook.

Check out this first look at the Photoshop Touch app from Russell Brown at Adobe.

Adobe Collage
This app will let you create storyboards with mixed media. You can assemble a style board that combines text, images, drawings and import different media from many sources including PSD, PDF, AI.

Adobe Debut
This is a presentation tool that will let you show any of your work from Creative Suite to your clients. As you are presenting you can mock up your images with a pen tool. Looks pretty simple but will do a full detailed review once I can get my fingers on these.

Adobe Ideas
This app is currently out for the iPad and has been for awhile when Adobe released their first set of iPad apps. It lets you create Vector drawings and will be available for Andriod coming soon.


Adobe Kuler
This app will allow you to create color themes for a project. You can also explore thousands of existing color themes in the Adobe Kuler service. After you create a color theme these can be exported to Photoshop to use for your existing projects.


Adobe Proto
This is a tool for developers where you will be able to create a wireframe design. Looks pretty useful for website designers to quickly mockup pages and then allows for sharing and collaboration. The wireframe can be exported to HTML to be viewed in a browser for immediate review.

These will all be available for the Andriod platform first and then for iOS devices next. I’ll keep everyone posted on news so stay tuned!

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