According to CNET, Adobe is working on a new Photoshop-branded app for the iPhone and iPad that’ll be introduced as a free app this October. From what they have reported it seems like the app should include many powerful and commonly used features from desktop Photoshop — like content-aware fill and spot healing. With a focus on making these advanced features more more accessible so anyone without editing experience can start using them right away. With this focus on the average user they may rename tools like “dodge” and “burn” to “lighten” and “darken.” Adobe actually previewed some of these tools back in May in the video below.

Adobe discontinued the Adobe Photoshop Touch app awhile back for iOS so I’m not sure how they will make this app unique from their past offerings but we will probably see soon! I do have to admit that I have been enjoying Pixelmator for iPad lately as a pretty solid resource to edit on your iPad.

What are your hopes with a mobile version of Photoshop? Let me know in the comments below.

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