The content aware fill that Photoshop released awhile back was like Magic when they first showed it. I couldn’t believe that the computer could pretty intelligently fill in areas of an image by itself and look really good. Now other companies are adding this technology in like Pixelmator 2.0 Now Has Content Aware Fill and now an iPhone and iPad app that used this type of technology.

Anticrop iPhone app reviewThe new app is coming soon and called AntiCrop. From demo’s I have seen it looks pretty interesting. You can add an area around your image and the app will intelligently fill that information in. It’s a great idea and pretty amazing if it can really pull it off in real world situations. For a mobile device to have this much editing power I think is really cool. Check out this quick video from the developer showing off what it can do:

Once it’s released i’ll post a full review of the app and see how well it really works in the real world. Make sure to subscribe to our email updates by entering in your email at the top right of the page so you don’t miss this one!

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