The Canon 7D Mark II is a pretty solid upgrade from the 7D and might be one some of your Christmas lists 🙂

Here are some of the advantages of the 7D Mark II vs the original 7D.

Many more cross-type focus points – 65 vs 19
Has in-camera HDR – Yes vs No
Autofocus Video – Hybrid detection on the Mark II vs None on the 7D
Has a GPS – Yes vs No
Slightly lower noise at high ISO – 1,082 ISO vs 854 ISO
Shoots faster – 10 fps vs 8 fps
Higher resolution screen – 1,040k dots vs 920k dots
Better maximum light sensitivity – 16,000 ISO vs 6,400 ISO
More dynamic range – 11.8 EV vs 11.7 EV
Has more storage slots – You also get a SD card in the 7D Mark II.

Check out this great video review of the Canon 7D Mark II and if your going to get yourself that early Christmas gift there is a Amazon link below:

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