I think by now I have easy over 100 apps on my iPad. Being a big techie, I love browsing through the store looking for new apps and love seeing what creative things developers are coming up with. I installed the Diptic app a long time ago and never really used it. Then just the other day I grabbed a great quick series of images of one of my kids and wanted to place these 3 images together to post to Facebook real quick. Instead of downloading the images to my computer, firing up Photoshop and doing a quick merge I wanted to stay in the living room with the kids. So I imported the images into my iPad and remembered the Diptic app I downloaded awhile back.

Also before we dive into the review if you want some inspiration for Diptic’s check out this post, Some interesting Diptych photographs.

The app itself is pretty straightforward. It has 52 standard layouts with one to five photos in each layout and offers much more than just straight diptic images. There are layouts with 3 images all the way up to 5 images. First choose your layout and then tap the empty space to add photos. You can import photos from you iPad, Facebook or Flickr.

Diptic iPad App Review

Once you select the images you would like to use you can then adjust the size of the cells. If you picked a template that has 3 horizontal images like the one I have here you can simply drag the lines between the images to make one of the cells smaller or larger.

After you adjust the size of the cells the next step is to make any adjustments. If you click on the image from the effects screen a pop up will appear with a few adjustments you can make. This is where the app falls short but the main function of the app really isn’t a photo filter app anyway. You have 3 effects you can apply to the images; Brightness, Contrast and Saturation. It would be nice to have some extra effects here but like I said the main goal of the app is to create Diptics and for that it does a great job. I would suggest getting your images ready before hand by using a different app and making sure the images have a consistent look and feel to them so they flow well together when they are on the same page.

Overall it’s a pretty useful app, if you already have your images ready to go and fully edited you can have diptics created in just a few seconds. It’s only $.99 and you can get it in iTunes here:

Diptic - Peak Systems

I would love to see what you can create with this app. Post an image using Diptic on our Facebook wall here: Digital Photo buzz on Facebook.

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