I have posted a few articles on Facebook marketing for photographers and will continue to expand on these. I think Facebook can be such an amazing tool to grow your business, and as the web continues to change there are new ways we can reach out to new clients. If you missed our previous articles here are the links:

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Once you setup your facebook page and are starting to get more fans what can you do to make sure you are being effective? Part of successful marketing is paying attention to the numbers and seeing what is really effective. Facebook offers some good stats that give you the ability to see how effective your posts are. It’s called Facebook insights and is part of your Facebook wall for any pages you are the admin of. These insights are really crucial to measure what is working on your Facebook wall and help you to get the most out of Facebook. While measuring stats isn’t as fun as being creative behind the camera its a key ingredient to any successful business.

So what can we measure with Facebook insights?

First built right into your Facebook wall you can see some very key information right below each post. This will show you how many times your Facebook post was viewed and the % of people who interacted with it by liking the post or leaving a comment. This really can help out to see trends and what type of posts people are reacting to and what posts people aren’t.

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Next to view your full insights click on the Insights link on the top right of your Facebook wall. This will give you a couple top level graphs of your page. You can modify the date range of the graph at the top and it will give you a trend line of your Daily, Weekly and Monthly active users. An active user is someone who has either interacted with your page or viewed your pages posts. You will also see a breakdown of interactions with the number of Likes and comments on a daily basis. This is important to watch since the goal of a Facebook page is to create a community and you want as many people commenting as you can.

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You can also view details about the people that are visiting your Facebook wall. Click on the users link on the left to see a detailed breakdown of the people who visit your page. This gives you a little more detail and a few things I think are very useful. First you can see a daily breakdown of how many people viewed your posts, liked a post, commented on a post or viewed your page. This way you can easily see days that your activity did great or not so great. Finding out these great days and then viewing the posts and what you were doing on those days will help you to keep going down that road and getting more and more people engaged. You can also view the daily new likes and unlikes. Did you post something that really didn’t sit well with a lot of your fans and a huge number of people unliked you one day? This will help keep your eyes peeled on that.

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Another key piece of information here is viewing what tabs people are visiting on your Facebook wall. If you have different tabs on your page this really help to see what people are clicking on and also gives you a breakdown of where people are coming from to arrive at your site. If you are doing any marketing to push people to your page this is a good way to track where people are coming from.

Paying close attention to your stats will help refine the content you post and make sure you are delivering things that your clients want. Remember to have fun with your Facebook page, keep trying new things out and just like anything be flexible and change it up if you need to.

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