Awhile back I posted a set of some Black and White Lightroom presets that I had created to mimic certain types of film. I posted these on here for people to download and was extremely shocked at how many people downloaded these presets and shared that post around the web. With the positive feedback I got I decided to create some new presets that were in line with tutorials I was creating. I have released these over the past months and since they have been so popular am working on lots of new stuff for the future. To be sure you don’t miss any posts make sure to enter your email on the top right signup box and you will receive our updates via email.

If you missed them, here are some of the top Free Lightroom Presets we have released so far:

  • Digital Photo Buzz 5 favorites – This is a mini collection of some of my favorite Lightroom Presets for portraits.
  • Free Black and White Lightroom Film Presets – Recreate some classic film looks like T-Max 100 and Tri-X.
  • Free Fashion Lightroom Presets – These presets are perfect to give a portrait a little bit of a fashion edge to it but also can work really well for an artistic piece you might be creating.
  • Free Lightroom Presets for Landscape Photography – These give a few quick ways to give the image a slight color, contrast and overall boost or to give the greens or blues a boost and a few other cool presets.
  • We have also released a few premium Lightroom preset packs that are an amazing value. Help support our site by getting these great Lightroom presets.

    We have a new Vintage Premium Preset pack on sale now:

    And if you love Instagram, check out our popular Instagram presets:

    Enjoy the presets and I hope you all create some amazing work with them! I also love to see what you create with these, post a few images to our Facebook wall to share with the Digital Photo Buzz community.

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