If you are newer to Twitter or just not yet a power Tweeter you should check out Photoshelters latest Free guide to Twitter. It’s a totally free guide and about 20 pages in length. There are some pretty good tips in here on how to increase your engagement on Twitter and it’s well written so makes for a good read. Twitter can be a powerful way to connect with your customers and also a great place for all of us to connect with each other and share. Take some time to go through this guide and lets connect on Twitter @digitalphotobuz

You can download the guide here: Free Photographer’s Guide to Twitter.


Some of the items included in this free guide:

  • 10 ways to grow a Twitter following and increase engagement – including sharing behind-the-scenes photos and tweeting about what’s trending
  • Top Twitter features for businesses that will help you market your work better
  • Legal considerations before using Twitter, plus best practices to help keep your work safe
  • Tips to measure your success and determine if your efforts are working
  • Download the Free Photographer’s Guide to Twitter.

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