Being a dad is one of the best jobs in the world but also comes with a ton of responsibility and work. The rewards are worth it 1000 times but sometimes I think this world doesn’t give dads the respect they deserve. With so many bad portrayals of dads in TV from Homer Simpson to Al Bundy, dads can be seen in the media as buffoons. Being an amazing role model to your children, molding them and providing for them in this crazy expensive world is a lot of work. To all the dads out there YOU ROCK! Keep up the great job and remember that your kids look up to you every minute of every day, so build them up daily and install passion and love into everything they do.

To celebrate fathers day I wanted to give away a bundle of all of our Lightroom Presets (you can view them all here, its a great value worth over $100 Just write in the comments below or on our Facebook page one thing you do to be a great dad. Or if your husband/dad is a photographer fill out a comment for him! Lets see some great shining examples of awesome dads out there and hook one of you up with our great presets!

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