It’s all about the art and vision not the tools

In yesterdays post I somewhat jokingly compared the canon 5d to the iPhone 4 camera. I say somewhat jokingly because when it really comes down to it the tools that we use to get a shot really isn’t the most important part about creating the image. I know a lot of our articles about shooting technique might cover a good amount of technical detail about the gear and process to get the final image but I have always believed that VISION is the most important part of getting the shot. Going to art school the main focus was about the concept and most projects I think I put in 80% of the time into the concept and then only 20% into the execution. You first have to have the creative vision before thinking about your gear and without vision gear is really useless. Many times at weddings I see guests with better cameras than I have, but there is a reason why my clients hired me instead of their friends… They hire me because of my artistic vision. The vision that each and every one of us bring to a shoot is totally unique. Just like we have unique fingerprints we also have a unique eye and bring our own experiences to a shoot.

If you have been thinking thoughts lately like “I really need to get that new markII to help my photography” or “wow that 1.4 lens would really help me get better portraits”, I challenge you to stop thinking about the gear for awhile and focus on your vision. Before your next shoot visualize the shoot and every minute detail, sketch it out on a sketchbook first and focus on your creative ideas before worrying about any gear.

And if you still think gear is totally important check out this video. I would say that this video is far better than anything i could create with professional equipment, models, makeup,etc… And it was shot and edited on an iPhone! Amazing and huge kudos to the creator!

“Apple of My Eye” – an iPhone 4 film – UPDATE: Behind the scenes footage included from Michael Koerbel on Vimeo.

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