Last year Apple officially announced they were going to stop supporting Aperture and replace it with their new Photos app for the Mac.
While this doesn’t offer all of the professional features that Aperture users were accustomed to it was positioned as a improved app compared to the standard iPhoto app on the Mac. This leaves most professionals looking elsewhere mainly at Lightroom which was already the go to for many pros.

Today Apple released their Beta 10.10.3 software which includes the new Photos app. For my personal iPhone images I used to automatically back them up in iPhoto however didn’t launch the application much since it always ran slow and lagged on me. Even though I had a small (in relative terms compared to my Lightroom library) collection of around 38,696 images and 3,085. I installed the app and imported my iPhoto library which did take awhile. I waited about 35 minutes and it was only at 45% then had to leave my computer. Came back hours later and all were imported. The speed of the app was a huge improvement over iPhoto and it might actually be an app that I use now for organizing my iPhone image. I am putting together a full review of the Beta so check back tomorrow for a more in depth review. In the meantime here are a few great video walk-throughs of the app.

Screenshot 2015-03-02 22.24.16

Check out this review of the app from the Verge.

Also here is also a quick video overview from Macrumors:

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