Our spotlight this week is on a commercial photographer who really impressed me with not only his lighting skills but also creative story lines in his work. Toky is a commercial and fashion photographer from Los Angeles and although he has only been shooting professionally for 3 years I am sure you will all be inspired by his work. No matter what type of photography you do lighting is always key to great images and going through some of his work the lighting is really solid. Also the creativity of his work is awesome. Really unique images and great storytelling always make for good images. Enjoy some of his work and be inspired!

Toky Photography

Who are you …

I am Toky. Born in Mexico to Guatemalan and Salvadorian parents. I’ve lived in the USA for 10 years. I’m 32 years old. I started photo school in 2003 and been a working photographer since 2007.

the reason I love what I do ….

Because it comes so natural to me. It’s effortless and people happen to pay me to do what I love the most… how can you not love that!?

who do you get your inspiration from …

Everything and everyone. I think the realm of art is a living exchange of energy. I love to tell “one-frame” stories, so I tend to draw inspiration from movies and cinematic expressions of art.

your photography specialty …

The living.

who is your photo idol(s) …

I love Rankin and Matthew Rolston’s light is impeccable.

favorite photography product …

Photek Umbrellas.

favorite movie …

City Of Angels.

last rental you watched …


where can you be found on days off …

Days off? what is that?

what superhero would you be …

I would love to be one of “The Incredibles”

if I am typically craving something it is ….


what is your most fav photo you have recently taken …

My favorite recent photo is a still shot from a Music Video I directed with “atoms” floating in the air.
(this is a link to the video: http://vimeo.com/9791564)
fashion photographer interview by digital photo buzz

Here are some of his images showing a mix of his work:
toky photography
fashion and editorial photography
editorial photographer
editorial photographer
editorial and fashion photography
editorial photography
fashion photography
fashion photographer interview by digital photo buzz
fashion photographer interview by digital photo buzz

Check out his website for more images here: www.tokyphotography.com
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