I am a huge believer of constantly trying to learn as much as I can about photography. I think that no matter how long you have been a photographer you can always learn more. Learning from real world photographers that are out there succeeding in the industry is a great way to grow. One of my favorite sources of photography education is PhotoVision. For those of you who haven’t heard of PhotoVision its a great educational resource for photographers at a really good value. I have been subscribing to PhotoVision for years now and always look forward to the DVD’s which come out every other month. They are 2 hour DVD’s and the thing that I like about them the most is they interview real photographers who share their success and expertise. Each DVD normally has about 6 different photographers featured from a wide range of photo fields. They are all amazing photographers and sometimes the interview will include a walk through a actual shoot. They have had some amazing wedding photographers featured like Marcus Bell and show him in action as he photographs a real wedding. Sometimes they will walk you through a studio and let the owner share how they setup their studio, what they do to market themselves and many other great tips. I always learn a lot from these DVD’s, even from photographers in other fields other than what I specialize in. I don’t do much commercial work but still can learn a lot from a commercial photographer.

RIght they they are having a great special for their DVD’s. Normally they cost $199 for the year, but you can get a discount right now if you use my discount code, PVFAN. With that you save $150 and get the DVD’s for only $49. Just use my link to sign up, PhotoVision Signup. For $49 this is a great deal for a years worth of DVD’s.

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