Today Pixelmator released a new update to their photo editing app adding a few behind the scenes speed improvements. Besides speeding up the app they have added a background save feature, and a progress bar to show the file status while opening and saving files. It’s always been a great app that I think provides a tremendous value to photographers and it’s good to see them continue to update the app.

Here is a quote from the Pixelmator team about the update.

Today we are happy to release the first Pixelmator 2.2.1 update. That may sound minor in numbers, but in our little Pixelmator world, it’s a major one. We’ve done some radical improvements behind the scenes. One of them is a new Pixelmator file format. It’s still the same file format you are used to, yet it now has a completely new architecture that takes advantage of the modern OS X technologies making your image editing even faster and more enjoyable.

Get the app in the Mac app store for only $14.99 here. It’s a great value and a good alternative to Photoshop for anyone looking for a clean app to edit your images.

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