A new feature that Adobe added with Lightroom 5 Beta is a radial gradient tool. This new tool is available in the develop module and makes it really easy to add a custom sized vignette to your image.

To use the Radient Gradient tool just click on the icon underneath the histogram and then just like using any other brush in Lightroom click and drag a circle over the image to create your mask. After you create your selection you can use the handles to refine the size of the selection.

radial gradient tool lightroom 5

Then just like when using lightroom brushes
you can modify the exposure, contrast and other attributes to the selection. To make a vignette just darken the exposure. Adobe has also added a flag at the bottom of the mask settings to Invert Mask so you can apply the changes to inside the circle.

The radial gradient tool isn’t groundbreaking but it’s really good to see Adobe adding more features for us to fine tune our images without having to open up Photoshop. Look out for some more posts covering whats new in Lightroom 5 over the next week and here is a video with more new features in Lightroom 5 beta.

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