Review of the O-Flash Ring Flash Adapter for speedlights

A ring flash can give you many cool advantages compared to using a normal on camera speedlight. We covered some advantages of using a ring light for portraits awhile back and today wanted to review the O-Flash ring adapter that can turn any speedlight into a ring flash and is extremely affordable. Many other types of ring flashes can be fairly costly, something like the Elinchrom EL 20492 RQ Ringflash
can run you around $550 on Amazon and go up from there.

The O-Flash Ring Flash Adapter you can pick up for only $35 (O-Ring Flash Adapter
) and pops right on to your speed light. It’s very simple, the speed light connects to the ring light which really just redirects the light through the circular ring and using a system of internal prisms, reflectors and light-shapes the light distributes through the ring flash without using any electronics or additional power.

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Because the light is redirected you do loose some light and also it changes the color of the light. It produces much more of a cooler light compared to normal flash so you have to adjust with a custom white balance or in your post production. Another thing that I noticed in most of my tests with this ring flash is it did give red eye. This shouldn’t happen with a normal ring flash and although it can be easily removed in post production it still is fairly annoying. The light that it produces does give you a shadowless look but still isn’t as soft as I was hoping. Here is an example and please don’t get scared by the model, my normal last minute fill in (my beautiful wife) wouldn’t allow any photos this day so I had to move to the other side of the camera which isn’t my best side 🙂

First a quick reference photo, these are both shot at ISO 640, 1/250th second at f/4. Flash is set to TTL and in the first shot bounced directly off the ceiling. Also the white balance is set to Daylight which I always prefer for flash to give a nice warm skin tones.

o-flash ring flash review

For the ring flash I did change the flash to be set at +1 which makes up for some of the light that you loose.

o-flash ring flash review

Also if you set the white balance to flash the skin tones will look much better, here is the same shot with a flash white balance and exposure corrected just a bit.

Overall the O-Flash gives you that shadowless look for a very inexpensive price. I really wasn’t impressed by the quality of the light though and would prefer something that has a softer quality, but for $35-$40 it works pretty well. Very quick and easy to setup, it uses your existing flash so nothing to plugin and the light is decent. If you are interested in trying out a ring flash to see what it can do, it’s a good way to get started without a big investment.

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