I normally review iPad apps that help us edit photos or some portfolio apps and have a ton of reviews you can see in our Review category. Today I want to review a fun app that gives you a different way of viewing your Instagram Photos. Social Diary – An automated journal for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram gives you a journal or diary style view of all of your social media posts. I am always using Instagram and love it’s quick ability to capture moments on the go and have always tried to have a photo diary or even a photo 365 project but with life always too busy I never can keep it up. With this app it automatically pulls in all of your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts and shows them in a clean calendar view so it looks like a journal.

The app starts with a quick tutorial on how to use it and then goes right to a page to choose which network you would like to connect to. I started with Facebook but you can add all 3 networks in the settings tab later. Once you pick your first social network and login it takes about 30 seconds to load up some of your content. After it first loads your posts you can start to flip through the past dates and read over your social media posts. Once you have some info in there you can tag posts, this is quick but does have to be done one at a time but if you are using it nightly to recap your day and tag certain posts it’s really handy for searching later. Once you have tags setup just tap the tag icon at the very top of the screen and then search by any tags you have created. You can also write your own custom notes to make your journal personalized and recap your thoughts for what happened during the day.

Click on the gear icon at the top left to add other social networks to your journal. With Instagram support and seeing your photos side by side with your Facebook and Twitter posts it really adds a narrative to the photos and helps to really tell the story of your day. If your like me and always posting important life moments and memories on Social media this app is an app that I think you will really enjoy.

The app is on sale right now for just $.99 so get it in iTunes here:
Social Diary - Automated Journal for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - AppEzzy

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