The news hit me today like it did many people, as multiple notifications from my iPhone and iPad. An alert from the CNN app the AP mobile app…. alerts popping up with the news that Steve Jobs is setting down from the helm of Apple. Although this is a photography site and it’s main focus is to share photography tips, tutorials and other useful photo new info there is really one solid thing that ties us all together as artists and photographers… Passion. It’s really the essence the drives what we do every day. And with that passion for photography and the arts there can be inspiration from many sources that aren’t photo related. One source of passion for me has always been Apple. Ever since somehow convincing my working class parents to buy me a Apple IIC back in the early 80’s I have been a huge fan of Apples products. I remember playing games on that computer and trying to learn how to create my own games. Always being curious and loving to build things I have had a love for technology as long as I can remember. Watching the rise, fall and then the rising again of Apple here in the silicon valley has been an interesting sight to watch.

Steve Jobs has really been at the heart of Apple and a huge reason for their resurgence over the past 13 years. His relentless drive to make the best product possible and not settle in any aspect of his products are what has helped Apple bounce back from a near bankruptcy in the mid 90’s. With the recent news of him stepping down and rumors on his health problems getting worse my prayers go out to him and his family. Although he is someone that I don’t know personally his passion to create products that he could be proud of and that were meticulous in design are things that we can all learn from. Reading some of the stories about Jobs today from tech writers in the valley here that have interacted with him reminds me how we all need to let our passion drive us more. Passion should drive all aspects of our photo business not just in creating the shot but also our website, business cards, packing all should have the same focus and attention to detail that we put into creating an image. I also remember watching the graduation commencement speech that he gave years ago at Stanford which really had some great points I think we can all learn from.

Follow your heart. Sometimes this key idea is something that we need to remind ourselves of. I know many of you who read this site are part time photographers or budding photographers that have a passion for photography but other work as your main source of income. You want to focus all of your time and effort on photography and might even be a little bummed out that you have other work obligations. We never really know why were are in the position we are in at the moment but if we keep our focus on our passion and follow our hearts it will all come together some day. Keep your focus and don’t ever give up! Remember to follow your heart and not to think too much about why you are where you are at today. If you are reading this from a cube in your day job and dreaming you were a full time photographer remember that your current situation is temporary. Keep following your heart and passion and you will have a breakthrough, sometimes it may just take time.

If you have never heard his commencement speech take a few minutes today to watch this video, some really solid points that he has about following your heart.

I have written a few things about Apple over the past years here. I think there are some great lessons that we can learn by watching Apple. Led by Jobs they have been very innovative and also have some amazing marketing tips that we can all learn from. As photographers we need to be great marketers as well as photographers and there are many things we can learn from watching how Apple operates. If you haven’t read these past posts check them out.

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