Today’s post is a guest post by Alia, her info is at the bottom of the article. She put together a list of some pretty crazy accessories for the iPhone. What’s the most you would spend for an accessory for your phone? Leave a comment below.

The iPhone has shaken up the smart phone market and is still reigns at the top. Only a single model is ever available in the market at a single point of time which is updated just once in a year making it look generic. But, there are lot of accessories available in the market which allow the device to be customized to suits the tastes and needs of customers. Some of the most expensive iPhone accessories for the gadget available in the market help in making it look really distinctive. 

Amosu Ultimo Diamond iPhone
The English luxury customization company Amosu has released the world’s most expensive diamond encrusted casing for iPhone. The luxury case features a total of 1179 bright 16.18 carat diamonds. The case is handcrafted using high quality materials. 458 diamonds are caked around the front of the face. The rear bottom of the case is made of 18 carat gold encrusted with 660 diamonds and the Apple logo on the rear of the case is studded with 61 diamonds. The Amosu Ultimo Diamond iPhone costs a hefty US$ 177,400 and is targeted at the super rich.

iPhone4 Lady Blanche
iPhone4 Lady Blanche is a luxurious remake of the casing of the handset. The case was designed by Gresso, the swiss manufacturer of luxury communication devices. Designed for women, the iPhone case features three different swiss clocks on its back showing times for Moscow, New York, and Paris. The time is displayed on pearl white dials and the clocks have 10-year power reserve. The glass on handset’s back panel is replaced with solid diamond-coated mineral glass. There are three blank compartments on the back of the case which are filled with Swarovski crystals. There is an option to get diamonds in the place of crystals. The crystal version costs US$ 7,000 while the one featuring diamonds costs US$ 30,000.

Brikk Trim Couture
Trim Couture from the house of German luxury house Brikk is one of the most expensive iPhone cases available in the market. The case is extremely hard and is made of a single slab of titanium. It has a total of 600 black or white diamonds which weigh in a total of six carats. The case costs US$ 100,000 and comes with no warranty from the manufacturer. For each case sold, Brikk donates 25 metric tonnes of rice to people in poor countries.

Factron Quattro Case
The Factrom Quattro Case for iPhone from Factron is made of an aluminum alloy used in aircraft construction called duralumin. The case is very tough and protects iPhone from any damage. The case has a camera mount that can fit interchangeable external lenses. The external lens available for this case are close-up, wide-angle, and fish-eye. These lens should be bought separately. The price of the case is US$ 257.

iPhone SLR Mount
The iPhone SLR mount from online photo accessory store Photojojo is a nice supplement to the rear camera of iPhone. The SLR mount allows you to attach high quality lens from Canon and Nikon to iPhone 4. Several small adjustments are needed to sync the iPhone and lens when using this SLR mount. The SLR mount costs US$ 250.
While some of the above expensive accessories for iPhone bring luxury, others offer lot of utility to the users. But, all of them add a touch of exclusivity to the gadget.

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