PWD labs (who I have used for post production for my weddings in the past and am a big fan of) is running a pretty cool contest for August. Not only do they focus on amazing work and make your photography look great, but also have excellent service. If you want to read my review of them check out this past post: Save time with your post production. Outsourcing your post production can be a great idea to keep you focused on being creative in front of the camera and not spending hours in front of the computer. Today I wanted to pass along a great contest they are running for the month of August where you can win random discounts to post-production orders and even a Lytro camera at the end of the month.

Check out all of the details on their blog:
PWD August contest month

Also if you haven’t heard of the Lytro lightfield camera before it’s a pretty interesting concept. Check out more about this new type of camera here:
A New Camera Is Coming You Won’t Have To Focus

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