As a follow up to the article we did on “Long exposure photos“, I wanted to share some awesome examples of light painting. Light painting is the process of leaving your shutter open for a long period of time and “painting” in what you want to expose with a light (can be as simple as a flashlight) Light painting can come in many different forms, sometimes it is used to highlight certain parts of a building or landscape. Other times the light is used as a brush from a painter, the artists interact with the landscape and creates shapes and lines that create a piece of art.

Here are 10 amazing examples of light painting:

Light Painting in the New Year, originally uploaded by paulsweany

Light painting #1, originally uploaded by CrowGirl

Light Painting #53 (Amaryllis), originally uploaded by citybumpkin

Beneath the party: driving, Audi A3 convertible, originally uploaded by AndWhyNot

light painting image
violin light painting by onlinewoman

light painting photography
Gayundah by G a r r y

light painting photography
The Art of Light Painting by Ragstatic

great examples of light painting
light painting N°1 by Antoine et Alice

There are some very talented artists in this field right now and a movie being made about some of them. We interviewed the director of Luminary a little while back and will post that interview soon.

Do you have any great light painting photos you have taken? Share them with us, just add a link to the photo in our comments.

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