To continue our special December deals we are offering our Instagram like Lightroom presets today for only $8! (normal price is $28)

Here is a little more about the Instagram Lightroom presets:

Instagram has been one of those huge hits on the iPhone that has captured millions of users in a flash. It’s such a quick and easy way to apply an effect to an image and then share that image in a feed so your friends can all view, comment and rate. I think one of the reasons why instagram has been such a hit is its simplicity and quality of the filters. For quick snapshots of my kids or just random images around town I love using Instagram to shoot, edit and post a photo to social networks. I though it would be cool to have a set of Instagram presets for Lightroom for all of the photos that I take with my SLR and created a replica of all the current Instagram presets available for Lightroom.

These will give you a quick way to get the same cool look you do with Instagram with your current DSLR images. You now get 22 presets with this Lightroom pack and all are fine tuned for Lightroom 4/5. Also the original set of 19 come in a Lightroom 3 compatible mode!

You can get the entire set of 22 filters from our store now, just click on the link below:


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