This is such a great portrait that I came across on Flickr awhile back. I think its a great example of a really unique portrait that combines a lot of perfect lighting skills. This was taken with a camera mounted on the cars hood as the car was moving with a long shutter speed. Its a really cool mix of light painting (having a long shutter speed and letting light create interesting shapes and compositions) and a portrait lit with strobes.

Lighting Info: diffused SB-600 in car dead centre between camera and models; bare SB-800 dead centre behind models for rim.
Moving car, 30sec, straight out of camera

This really inspired me to look more info Light painting and I have found some awesome artists online that are creating some really cool work in this field. I’ll share some of them and the work they are doing over the next few weeks, along with an interview with a filmmaker who is doing an entire documentary on Light painting.

What do you think of this shot? Would love to hear your comments. Also if you do any light painting photography please share your link in the comments I would love to see your work!

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