This weeks photographers spotlight is a wedding and lifestyle photographer that I have know for a couple of years now. The thing that has always most amazed me about this photographer is his passion. Most of us have a passion for our work but this guys passion just radiates from him the first second you talk to him. He reminds me what photography is all about, capturing real moments and putting everything you got into every image. And the great thing is that he is passionate about everything in his life not only his photography. He is a passionate dad, husband, and an all around great guy.

mike steelman photographers

Here is a little more about Mike Steelman of MIKE STEELMAN PHOTOGRAPHERS

Who are you …
I’m a life artist in pursuit of keeping it real. A husband. A daddy. A man who’s always discovering more of who I am…or am meant to be. I’m passionate, intense, & simple.

the reason I love what I do….
I love authenticity. I love life. I love people. It’s not all about the photography for me; it’s about what’s really happening on the other end of that lens. These are real moments, real memories, real people, and I get to be a part of that in some way – what an honor. I’m stoked to be able to tell someone’s story visually, knowing that years down the road my clients will be as happy then as they are today. It’s in the experience. That pumps my blood.

mike steelman photography

who do you get your inspiration from …
All sorts of places: my wife, who’s one of the most giving women I know; the smiles & wide eyes of my little boys; simply sitting at a coffee shop & watching random people interact & taking note of the smallest details that we all can take for granted; generous photographers such as Mike Colon, Joe Buissink, Zack Arias, John Michael Cooper, Robert Evans & many many more; industry pros who are passionate about what they do; the dedication and passion that the Lord has for me; music that really moves my soul; and the simplicity and beauty of nature.

your photography specialty …
Raw & Refined Wedding Photography. I LOVE shooting weddings & my signature “Dirty Dress” day after sessions.

what are you trying to learn more about in 2010 …
Learning more photographic rules so that I can break them. And I want to throw in a some studio lighting just for fun.

who is your photo idol …
Ahh, there are too many. Seriously. My nature photography has me going in one direction and my people photography in another!

favorite photography product …
My California Sunbounce is wonderful, and also makes a great kite on windy days.

favorite movie …
Dumb and Dumber.

last rental you watched …
GI – Joe. Yeah, it was rad.

where can you be found on days off …
On a rare occasion you can find me in front of my fireplace with a beer or cup of coffee, just simply sitting and vegging. Most of the time you’ll find me wrestling with my sons. It’s been a while but you used to be able to find me on the back country roads cruising on my motorcycle, pondering the roads of life.

what superhero would you be …
Without a doubt, SUPERMAN (Man of Steel – Get it?)

if I am typically craving something it is ….
Caffeine – coffee, cappuccino, espresso, chocolate covered espresso beans. Oh yeah, the occasional vanilla latte too.

what is your most fav photo you have recently taken …
Hmm… They’re ALL my favorites! But if I had to choose one at this very moment, I guess it would be the one of Kat & Chris laying down against the graffiti wall. I love how they are just free to be themselves and how I was able to capture that element of their personality.

mike steelman photography

Here is Mike’s website and blog to check out more of his work.
Thanks for sharing Mike and keep on Rockin!

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mike steelman photography
mike steelman photography
mike steelman
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