We have covered using Lightroom brushes to soften skin in the past and how quick and easy they are to retouch your images. With Lightroom Adobe gives you 12 different brush presets to use but you can add your own but you might want to make your own presets or import presets that you get from someone else. Importing presets is fairly easy but takes a few steps since Adobe doesn’t give you a direct way to do it. Here are the steps to import Lightroom brush presets:

Step 1:
First we need to find the folder where Lightroom is storing your presets. Go to Lightroom –> Preferences –> Presets and click the “Show Lightroom Preferences Folder”
Normally for a mac they are saved in the user folder –> Libary –> Application Support –> Adobe –> Lightroom. The folder where the brush presets are stored is called “Local Adjustment Presets”.

Step 2:
Once you have found this folder all you have to do is drag and drop your preset files into this folder and then restart Lightroom. NOTE: you should only paste “.lrtemplate” type files here, not a folder of files or a zipped file but each individual preset file.

Step 3:
Now when you go to the Develop module, click on brushes and in the effect drop down you will see your new presets! Pretty quick and easy, Adobe just doesn’t make it apparent you can import presets. And if you are looking for some new brush presets to play around with check these out. I will be posting more tomorrow also so check back!


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