The print module can be a pretty cool way to create collages in Lightroom and installing print templates that you find on the web is really easy. Here is a step by step guide to add a Print Template to Ligthroom. Also be on the lookout for an article coming later today showing how to create a template to use as your Facebook timeline cover along with a free print template download (and to make sure you don’t miss a post enter your email on the right to get our article updates to your inbox).

First head on over to the print module in Lightroom. On the left hand side you will see a section called Template Browser.

Mouse within this section and right click to bring up a dialog box. Choose New folder to create your own folder to store your print templates.

installing lightroom print templates

Next right click on this new folder and choose the import option. Now navigate to the .lrtemplate file you want to import and done! Lightroom print templates can be used in many cool ways and save you a lot of time when creating repetitive collage type layouts.

If you want a free template to use for your Facebook timeline cover photo get one here:
Using a Lightroom Print Template for a Facebook Timeline Photo

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