If you are newer to Photoshop Phlearn has a great video series to help you get up and running with Photoshop. It’s over 9 hours of video guides and will walk you through these 4 Photoshop topics:

  • Photoshop 101
  • Beautiful Glowing Skin
  • Dark and Dramatic
  • The Perfect Composite
  • Learn photoshop beginner series

    Here is a little more detail on what you will learn in this 4 video series:

    Photoshop 101 includes Seven Sections. Everything is broken down by topic to make it easy to learn.
    Section 1 – Introduction and Optimizing Photoshop
    Section 2 – Tools Part 1
    Section 3 – Tools Part 2
    Section 4 – Tools Part 3
    Section 5 – Layers, Masks, Channels, etc
    Section 6 – The Menu
    Section 7 – Sample Edit and Saving

    You also get original images to use so you can follow along with the video using the exact images from the tutorial.

    This video series includes over 9 hours of tutorials and right now is on sale for just $49.99 (normally $99.99). Get it now here.

    The Beautiful Glowing Skin tutorial is 2 hours long and focuses on beauty and glamour retouching. Here you will learn how to deliver killer images that will keep everyone coming back.

    Dark and Dramatic retouching. Have you ever felt like your portrait was missing something? That it could use a little extra punch? If so, this is the Photoshop Tutorial for you! In this Dark & Dramatic Retouching Tutorial you’ll learn how to add clouds and dramatically alter the sky of your images to bring depth and mood, even if there are objects in the way! This Intermediate Photoshop tutorial covers everything you need to know about coloring and stylizing an image.

    The Perfect Composite. Creating the perfect composite will allow you to take your images to anywhere you can dream! No longer will you have to travel, and no longer will you be restricted to taking boring images on plain backgrounds.

    There are some secrets to making a composite perfect, and that is what this tutorial is all about. We go over every detail on how to take an image that was shot in a studio and put it in a new background seamlessly. Including creating a shadow from scratch.

    This video series includes over 9 hours of tutorials and right now is on sale for just $49.99 (normally $99.99). Get it now here.

    Learn photoshop tutorials

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