One thing I love about social media is finding some of the work from people that i’ve met through this site. So many of you have some pretty amazing blogs, your posts are witty, fun and of course great images!

I love blogging although at the same time the artist inside me always gets nervous every time I hit the publish button. I always have this fear that nobody is going to read the post, or people will hate the images. Its always a constant battle that I have and hesitate for a second every time I click that publish button. But blogging is super fun and a great creative outlet. It also gives you are great way to really connect with your customers by showing them a closer look at who you are and really what drives you.

I know we have some readers out there with pretty amazing blogs and images. So here is your chance to share your work! Just leave your blog address in the comments below. Also if you visit a blog and love something about a post remember to leave that photographer a comment, blogs should be about community and feedback not just a one way street so leave some comment love 🙂

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