Parrot makes a pretty wide range of drones now of all shapes and sizes and recently I got my hands on one of the Jumping Sumo drone. It’s a pretty fun little guy to drive around and very quick and easy to setup and start driving minutes out of the box. The controls of this drone are really straight forward and it’s easy to control. They also have some special tricks you can have it perform with one tap of the app that are also very fun to play around with. Using the jumping feature it can jump at least 3 feet and iv’e had no problem getting it to jump right up to the couch.

Check out a quick video from Parrot here:

The wheels are made of a very soft material so it can land off of a 3-4 foot fall with no problems and when it hits a wall at full speed it can bounce right back. Mine has taken a beating but is in great condition after a few weeks of use.

One thing that really intrigued me about this is there is a camera built in and I wanted to see if there could be any creative use for this other than the fun of driving it around the house. Unfortunately it really is a toy and the creative side is very limited with the image quality you get.

I wanted to see how it stacked up not against a DSLR but my trusty iPhone 6. I knew it wouldn’t come close but hate to say the images really aren’t usable for anything. The camera takes 640×480 photos which is a resolution I don’t think i’ve seen even in my point and shoot cameras for maybe a decade.

Here is a quick photo from the ground with my iPhone.

parrot jumping sumo-iphone

and a comparison photo a few seconds later from the Parrot Jumping Sumo.

I was going to post a few more comparisons and cropped in sections of these but they are all pretty bad.

Still it’s been fun to chase the dog and cat around the house and i’ll continue to get many hours of fun with this little guy. It’s got some personality and even the beeps and tones it makes are fun.

They are on sale at Amazon if you are looking for a fun little toy for the house.

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