Continuing our look into Lightroom 3 and some of the new features and improvements today we are going to take a quick look at the Watermark feature. For me watermarking my images is more about my branding compared to trying to make sure people aren’t printing a few samples I post online. I know everyone thinks differently about watermarking and todays post isn’t really about why to watermark just how to do it in Lightroom 3 beta. Also today’s tutorial I wanted to do a video tutorial instead of a text and screenshot tutorial. I think this will be an easier way to do our Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials so you can see all of the different steps involved as I go through them. If you like or dislike the new video method please leave a comment below.

Lightroom 3 watermark from mark stagi on Vimeo.

P.S. I know the video might be a little hard to see some of the small menus with the size. Will be working on a new way to capture my screen and zoom in and out for the next one!

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