Today I want to cover a common question that comes in about Lightroom. Many times you have your photos in Lightroom on a drive that’s almost maxed out in space and want to move them to another drive. So today we will cover how to move your photos from one hard drive to another drive.

It’s a fairly simple process and i’ll walk through a few ways step by step.

The first way to move your images is to start by locating where you have the images saved to. To find the files you can right click the folder name in the left Folders pane in the Lightroom Library module.The choose “Show in Finder”.

move photos in lightroom

Now you can simply take that folder and drag it over to a new folder.

But what happens is Lightroom doesn’t know where you moved these images to so it will break the link. When you look at the folder now you will see a question mark on the folder indicating that Lightroom doesn’t know where these images are. Right click on the folder again and you will now see a few new options. To repair this just click “Find missing folder” and navigate to the new area where you saved it.

Screenshot 2015-08-16 07.07.22

But just like many other things with Lightroom there is another way to do this, and a much easier way. You can drag and drop an entire folder from the Folders section of the Library module right into another drive. Check out the quick video below to see how easy this is.

Tip: If you want to move your folder to a new drive that you have never used with Lightroom you will notice that the drive doesn’t show up in Lightroom when you connect it to your computer. You first have to create a folder from Lightroom on that drive in order for it to appear in your list. To do that just click the + button above the Folders section and click “Add New Folder”. Here you can add an empty folder to then have the drive show up in Lightroom.

Also Smart Previews can make a huge difference with your workflow if you are many times connecting and un-connecting to external drives. I’ll cover Smart Previews in just a few days so check back later.

If you have any Lightroom questions just let me know in the comments below and let’s chat 🙂

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