Today we are going to spotlight a very talented HDR photographer Trey Ratcliff AKA stuckincustoms. HDR is one of those techniques that I didn’t like much for the first few years it was out. Back then all I saw was overly post processed images that were so loud with colors it almost was a strain on my eyes. I think when it was a newer technique people wanted to push it to the end of the limit and the common style was to go crazy with HDR. As its matured and also attracted more artists into the space there have been some really amazing HDR images, some of the recent work I have seen lately is just breaktaking. One of the top people in the HDR space that I just happened to run across while browsing some images on flickr is Trey Ratcliff. His work is beautiful, such a rich range of color and tone that just take you right into the landscape and make you want to explore the photo. If you follow his website at he always posts some very cool photos on his blog at some amazing locations around the world.

We normally do some Q&A questions for our photographer spotlight but today have our questions answered as a video, so sit back and enjoy a little insight from Trey Ratcliff on his photography and HDR photography. He has some very interesting points, I love his point about the “gatekeepers” of photography and how that has really opened up with the internet. He shares some great thoughts about art and really how it has to be created when the time is right not just on a schedule. Check out the 2 videos below and let me know any comments at the end of the page.

Trey also has a very nice video tutorial on HDR photography available to purchase that is a very good tool for anyone looking to learn more about HDR photography. He walks you through some examples of images and how they were made and has a really good easy to understand way of teaching. For anyone who is looking to learn more about HDR I definitely recommend checking our his DVD or eBooks. View the HDR video tutorial info

And for all of you iPad lovers out there he has some great HD wallpaper packs on his website that have some of his best shots. I have the image below on my iPad and there are some pretty awesome shots in here. Click here to view more details

Here is part 1 of the interview with HDR photographer Trey Ratcliff.

And part 2

And a few more images of Trey’s:

The Alien Garden I Found on that Away Mission

Puzzling Over Beauty

My Twitter and The City Streets of Tokyo

The Batmobile

The River Runs Through the Andes

Trey has some pretty great learning tools available on his website.
Click here to see all of the eBooks and photography learning products they have at Stuck In Customs.

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