I didn’t cover the last update of Photoshop (version 13.1) when it was released about a week ago and wanted to take a minute to look back at their announcement. I think this is a very interesting update since it’s only available to people that subscribe to the creative cloud service. If you don’t know about their creative cloud service it’s a way to “rent” their applications by paying a monthly subscription to get access to their apps. You can check out our review here: What you need to know about Adobes Creative Cloud.

While it’s not a huge update I do think it’s interesting it’s only for creative cloud subscribers and I bet something that Adobe is going to be doing more of in the future. Here is a look into whats new with Adobe Photoshop 13.1. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below:

  • Retina Display Support
  • – For everyone with your great new retina Macbook Pro this update has been redone for retina displays.

  • Smart Object support for Blur Gallery and Liquify
  • – This is pretty cool. I do like the new blur gallery that Adobe added in CS6 and now you can add the effect in a nondestructive way! You can add these effects as smart filters so you can edit them after you apply the blur, it’s pretty cool. You can also apply these non-destructively to video layers.

  • Powerful CSS support for web design
  • – You can export CSS code for text and objects so for designers this will be helpful. They also added the ability to import color codes from HTML, CSS and SVG files.

  • Workflow improvements
  • – Some improvements have been made to the Crop tool, layers,and paths. You can also speed up image processing by creating Conditional Actions. These commands use logic to automatically choose between different Actions based on rules that you establish.

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