The team over at Pixelmator has been super busy over the past year. Aside from adding lots of great new features into the Pixelmator desktop app they launched an iPad app that’s pretty solid at the end of the year. Now they have announced an iPhone version is coming soon! I’m a big fan of what Pixelmator has been doing, the desktop app is clean and fast. The iPad app has some great editing features and a nice UI. Now i’m excited to see what they will do with an iPhone version.

Here is a little info from their site:

It adds some amazing new features, too, such as the new Distort Tools, powered by Apple’s Metal technology (translation: incredibly fast graphics processing tech, mainly used for creating graphics-intense games).

If you don’t already have the iPad version check it out here:

Here is a quick video showing off the possibilities of Pixelmator for iPhone.

Pixelmator for iPhone from Pixelmator Team on Vimeo.

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