I am excited today to release a brand new eBook for all of you to enjoy. Besides post production tips and tutorials on the site I have also shared some tips to help improve your portrait photography. These articles have always received good feedback and something many people have requested more of. I’ll continue to provide free articles on the site but also am adding some premium eBooks that will go into things in a little more detail. These are also going to be very affordable so everyone can pick them up. I want to help out the photo community as much as possible and am pricing this eBook at just $5!

It’s a 36 page eBook that was created to give you some practical ways to improve your portraits. Everything is explained in real life terms with beautiful large sample images. No drawn out techie terms just straight forward answers. If you love taking photos of your kids, are a amateur photographer or a professional looking for some portrait ideas this is the perfect book for you. Read through some real life scenarios along with high resolution images to learn how to take better portraits. Camera settings and stories about each shoot are included. It’s a downloadable PDF so can be viewed from any computer or device.

Whether you are looking to get better photos of your kids with your DSLR or are a professional looking to improve your portraits this guide will give you 15 useful tips to improve the portraits you take. Get the eBook now and start to improve your portrait photography!

You can also get this in the iBookstore for your iOS device here:

15 Tips to better Portraits – Mark Stagi

portrait photography ebook

portrait photography 101 ebook

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