One of the great things to see at Apple’s iPad event earlier this week was a little stage time for Pixelmator. If you haven’t heard of Pixelmator yet they make a pretty awesome desktop application that gives you a ton of features that Photoshop does and with a really clean design. It’s always been available at an amazing price that’s a fraction of Photoshop but still a very powerful image editing app. I’ve created a bunch of tutorials for the desktop app in the past, and you can always click on the Post Production link at the top and select Pixelmator to see all of our past tutorials on this app.

At the Apple event Pixelmator announced they are coming out with a iPad app soon and have a very quick peek video showing off some of the features. It doesn’t give much info but looks like will have lots of the rich features that the desktop version has. Im looking forward to checking it out and once it’s live will post a detailed review so keep your eyes peeled for more info.

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