You have probably seen a few tweets from me the last few days (and thousands of others retweeting) about the mentor auction at Thirst Relief International. It’s an amazing organization that was started a few years ago by some photographers who saw a need for people in certain countries to have clean water. They wanted to make a difference and started Thirst Relief International to bring water to the world and save lives. It’s so amazing to see the creativity that we all have used in a way other than for our clients or our own art and I am always happy to help this organization out. I know times are still difficult for many and giving can be hard in those times but there is always something we can give up for awhile to help others and its amazing how much of an impact you can make for such a small amount of money. You can buy a Venti Mocha from Starbucks for about $5 or $5 can provide a child with clean water for their entire life! Its amazing how much we can all do to make an impact on this world and I challenge you all to try and help out this organization in any way you can. Below there is more information about their annual mentor auction where you can bid on me or other photographers or you can head over to and make any donation.

To bid on my auction or any of the other great photographers out there, visit

You can also bid directly on me right here: Bid on Mark Stagi

Get mentored by mark

in the 2011 ThirstRelief Mentor Auction!

Grow as a photographer while saving lives!

I’m participating in the 2011 ThirstRelief Mentor Auction. Our mission is to save lives by tapping into the incredible talent and generosity of the photo industry.

Did you know that every 15 seconds someone dies of a waterborne illness? That’s 5760 people every day! You can help. Bid on a mentoring session with your favorite photographer!

100% of the proceeds directly benefit Thirst Relief. Add to that the incredible wisdom and talent that is being shared in the one-on-one mentor sessions and you have better and more
successful photographers! It’s truly a win win for everyone involved!

About me and my mentor auction

Here is a little bit more about my studio:

Passion is what its all about for us. True passion and love for photography drive our team every day (and a few Mocha’s along the way). Photography has been a love of ours since childhood and we shoot not only to provide our clients with the most awesome images they could ever image but to also fuel our creativity and need to capture compelling images.

We have been capturing weddings in the Bay Area for over 11 years. It all started with a passion by Award Winning wedding photographer Mark Stagi to create fresh, fun wedding images that reflect each brides unique day.

Mark has a degree in Fine Art along with a minor in photojournalism. This has given him a unique look into weddings, from focusing on capturing the emotion of the day along with getting creative with off camera lighting setups. Running a studio shooting over 50 weddings a year has given Mark many insights into what it takes to successfully market your company. He has learned how to keep a boutique style feel to his studio with a strong focus on his customers all while taking care of a good number of weddings each year.

Our mentor session will focus on finding your style and being true to that. We believe that the best long term way to run your business is to be true to your self and let your passion drive everything you create. We wear our passion for our work and our life with our clients and truly give them an experience they won’t forget. Mark will also focus on how to keep your marketing fresh and to keep buzz always around your studio.

My mentor session will take place at WPPI 2011 (Las Vegas).

Also included with my auction:

I’ll also include one of our full day wedding photography workshops. Check our more info at

To bid on my auction, visit!

Thirst Relief Short from Anton Lorimer on Vimeo.