I love to kick off mondays with a little inspiration to get us charged up for the week. Today I want to share some great underwater images to get you in the creative mood. One thing I love about underwater photography is that it really is like a entire new world under the water and a great source of inspiration. The way that the light is reflected thought the water is different than a normal image and the colors and sea life have always been so intriguing to me. Aside from the sea life, using water as a form of creating artistic portraits and other fine art also open up so many possibilities.

Check out some of these great images of underwater photography.

"Shelly" ... 32,000+ views!

Ascend (Explored)


Blue world

Toni Frissell: Weeki Wachee spring, Florida, 1947

Queen Triggerfish In Silhouette

You can run, but you can't hide


Underwater Camera Fun

Let us know what you think of these, leave a comment below we love to hear your thoughts.

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