Google announced on Monday their Google + pages for business now have a few key updates. I am excited about what next year will bring as Google and Facebook keep pushing the bar higher and higher to compete.

1. Multiple Managers! Now you can setup multiple people to manage your page. This is great if you have someone who helps with your social media and you can set up to 50 managers on a page.
To setup more page managers just click on the settings icon on the upper right and choose “Google + Settings”. The click on the “Managers” button on the left and enter in anyone’s email who you would like to setup as a page manager.

2. Notifications for Pages. Now you can see all of the notifications like +1’s, comments, etc… from your Google + page just like you can with your own personal page. Great to see who is being active on your page.

3. Unification of +1 and follower counts. They have also unified the +1 and follower counts and show 1 number right under your logo on the top left.

I think Google + is quickly becoming a major player in the social market and am glad to see them constantly pushing out updates. Here is a video with some more information from Google. Who has setup a page for your photography business already? Share your link in the comments below so everyone can check it out.

You can also circle Digital Photo Buzz on Google + here: +Digital Photo Buzz

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