A while back, Canon announced that their ultra-high ISO camera was going to be officially coming to market. Last week they showed off lots of gear at the Canon Expo in NYC. They showed everyone the ME-20F in action. Canon put footage from this camera online so you can check out the ultra high ISO in action!

The video is shot in a bunch of different settings some that are pretty much in pitch black areas. With that they are cranking the ISO up to the top at 4 million ISO! There is of course tons of noise, but it’s still pretty amazing to see video at 4,000,000 ISO.

Although I have not need for an ISO anywhere near 4,000,000 it’s still great to see how fast camera technology is moving. What do you think of Canon’s crazy push to super high ISO levels? Useless or something that you could use one day? Let us know in the comments below.

Canon also positioned this as a something that you could have in a security camera which is a great real world use.

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