Lightroom, just like any post production software has many hidden little tricks and shortcuts that can save you tons of time. Since there are many ways to customize your view Lightroom has many hot keys that will let you navigate around the program. Here are 10 little Lightroom tips that can help you out:

10 quick lightroom tips for photographers

1. When in the Develop Module click the \ button to quickly view the original image before any adjustments were made. Click the button again to go back to the final version.

2. Use the Tab key to quickly turn on/off the side menu items.

3. Sometimes you eyes can get distracted with all of the options surrounding your image. You have photos on the bottom and menus on the sides. Click the L button to dim those items around the image and the L button again to make them black. This is a great way once you are finished with editing an image to evaluate the photo.

4. Seeing the number count in subfolders. If you have items in folder and subfolders you might not be seeing the total number of images in the subfolders. To turn this on go to Library–>Show Photos in Subfolders.

show subfolders in lightroom

5. See what is being clipped. Just click J to toggle on the clipping warnings. This will show any highlights being clipped as red and any shadows being clipped as blue.

6. Click the F key to go through the different screen modes. If you want to reset everything to the normal screen mode just click Command plus Option plus F (on a PC control plus alt plus F). This will return you to the normal screen mode.

7. Comparing photos. To compare 2 photos side by side just click the C button on your keyboard. From here you can zoom in to compare details about each image.
compare in lightroom

8. Quickly want to change your white balance. Just click W to pull up the white balance color picked and click on a white area to adjust.

9. Use the navigator pane. With the navigator pane you can quickly use the different zoom options in the drop down to see your image close up and pan around to view the details of an image.
navigator in lightroom

10. If you ever want to see all of the shortcuts for the module you are in just click Command and / (mac, for windows ctrl and /)

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